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The Peel Health Library helps Health Services employees find the best available information to improve and protect the health of Peel residents.

Our role is to search for, find and retrieve the best available evidence, and to provide access to information by developing and maintaining our collection. If you have any questions about the catalogue, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Video Introduction

The video below will give you a brief introduction to searching this catalogue.

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Within search boxes:

  • Search terms are automatically joined by AND
    e.g. lung diagnosis finds lung AND diagnosis
  • Truncation is automatic
    e.g. prostat finds prostate, prostatic, etc.
  • Use / for OR
    e.g. cancer / carcinoma
  • Use ! for NOT
    e.g. design ! software
  • Use " " to search for a phrase
    e.g. "press releases"
  • Use >, <, >=, <= for greater or less than
    e.g. >= 1999 finds dates from 1999 onwards
  • Use : to search a range
    e.g. 1999:2003, example:sample
  • More help is available, including a video introduction.